martes, 29 de noviembre de 2011


During my holiday in Spain I met a family made up of two grandparents, their daughter, her husband and their two children who were 3 and 7.
The Grandmother was French and the grandfather was a Spaniard, they both lived in Spain. Their daughter was married to a Frenchman, son of an Englishman and a Frenchwoman; they lived in France with their two sons.  They were also with an English friend.
I was surprised by the way adults spoke to the children, in English, French and Spanish alternately and how children answered them spontaneously in the language  in which they had been spoken to.
I mean, if they were spoken to in English, they replied in English, and it happened the same with French and Spanish.
I thought these children had a gift for languages, but soon after I realized that the children didn’t speak three languages, English, French and Spanish, they only spoke ONE LANGUAGE, the vocabulary was made up of English, French and Spanish words and synonym.
The Children had achieved, in a completely intuitive way, THE FUSION OF THREE LANGUAGES IN ONE.  Of course,  with three times the amount of vocabulary.